UO Anjum Siddiqui
            July 2023
Advance Leadership Camp conducted from 06 July 2023 to 17 July 2023 taught me discipline, communication and accept people the way they are. Over 300 Cadets from three directorate participated in ALC. Every individual had unique personality which taught me different things.
I was Bhopal group SW senior and camp SW syndicate senior, which helped me developing leadership skills, handling sense of responsibility etc.
The two day EXPA CADET programme where CADET stands for comprehensive all around development and employability training. It helped me to find who I am, what is my aim in life? How are my skills? Sort of career development.This programme was an eye-opener and one of the best thing in camp.
Following to this LT. COL.Pinaki Bank took our classes. And prepared us for SSB. He put due emphasis to 5 day process and give personal attention to every individual’sdoubt. he took classes on career in armed forces, ALC importance, SSB overview screen in test (verbal and non-verbal reasoning) , OLQ, TAT, PPDT, SRT, WAT, GD, narration. The classes were very informative and useful. It helped me a lot personally,to grow and eliminate all the fears.
Our evenings in ALC camp were scheduled for games and sports. It helped us to interact more with peoples from different directorates – morning PT sessions also added value to our physical fitness.
Last two days of the camp were fun and joyful as we prepared for dance and represented Bhopal group . Bhopal group received special appreciation from CO, SM and training officer and his family. The event was full of entertainment and helped us to know different culture.
Washrooms and Barrock were clean and well maintained. Every problem we faced was duly solved by our authorities.The food was good and there was 24 hours water and light supply.
Overall, the camp was very useful, informative, fun, and knowledgeable and gave us experiences of a lifetime.